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Sexual Assault Lawyer, Newmarket

Have you been charged with a sexual offence? Don’t panic. The best course of action is to contact a qualified sexual assault lawyer in Newmarket and strengthen your defence from day one.

Sexual assault cases present certain challenges for the accused. Firstly, these are mostly “he-said-she-said” scenarios wherein the investigator or prosecutor may coerce you to make a self-incriminating statement with the intent of using this against you to secure a conviction in court.

This is a frequently used technique, and the accused may make a statement that could be taken out of context in the interest of “telling their side of the story.” We advise you to exercise your constitutional right to silence when you are arrested and taken into custody. Besides providing your name and DOB, refrain from answering any of the officer’s questions. Ask to speak to a lawyer immediately and let your lawyer do the talking for you.

LBE Law has worked with countless clients to secure a not-guilty verdict for their sexual assault cases. Lawrence works with you personally to spot inconsistencies and improbabilities in the complainant’s version of events, deciphers if there is an ulterior motive and uses his experience to prepare you for the prosecutor’s questioning.


What to Expect at the Preliminary Hearing

When it comes to sexual assault, in a majority of cases the complainant’s verbal accusation is enough to bring a charge against someone, without the need for physical evidence. While preparing your defence, it’s up to you and your lawyer to challenge the complainant’s testimony.

How is this done? A competent lawyer like Lawrence will vigorously challenge the complainant’s testimony using certain key strategies; testing the credibility of the complainant, examining holes in their testimony, calling in character witnesses to testify in your favour, and creating a formidable cross-examination strategy.

At the preliminary hearing, the complainant testifies under oath and this gives your lawyer a chance to gather ammunition and strengthen the defence for future hearings. Moreover, based on what the complainant says at this juncture, your lawyer will be able to judge whether or not they intend to go to trial.

In certain cases, the complainant and their team may choose to withdraw the charges when they see what they have to deal with if the case does go to trial. If the complainant declines to appear at the preliminary hearing, a subpoena can be issued compelling them to do so. 


Key Factors That Will Make All the Difference in Your Defence

Your lawyer will go over certain essential factors that can make or break your defence. Some of the more common ones include;



A good defence studies the credibility of the accuser’s charge. If there is a motive or conflict of interest that undermines this charge, Lawrence will spot it and use it to your advantage. 

For instance, the accuser could bring a sexual assault charge against someone if there is a child custody case in the works, or they may put forward a false sexual abuse charge to get a more favourable divorce settlement. Regardless, Lawrence works around the clock to study all these neighbouring factors. 


Mistaken Identity

Certain sexual assault charges are a case of mistaken identity. Not all sexual assault occurs in broad daylight. The accuser could accidentally misidentify their alleged attacker. 


Possible Alibis

Either via video evidence from a store or a witness statement, there may be a way to prove that you couldn’t have been at the location and time the crime was committed. This will serve as valuable evidence to support the alibi, and could possibly lead to a complete exoneration of charges. 


Contact a Qualified Criminal Defence Attorney Today

With so many factors to take into account, it’s essential to get a lawyer who has defended against all manner of sexual assault charges.

Lawrence Ben-Eliezer is your ticket to a strong defence in court. Lawrence uses proven and tested courtroom strategies to spot inconsistencies in the accuser’s version of events.

Contact LBE Law today for reliable and affordable legal assistance.