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Domestic Assault Defence Lawyer, Toronto

If you’re charged with domestic assault, having a supportive legal team can ease the worries you may have. Knowing exactly what domestic charges entail and building a solid defence are important as this can help you tremendously down the road.

LBE Law is a domestic assault defence lawyer based in downtown Toronto. Our firm is here to represent you and provide the best legal support for your case. Rest assured, we prepare you fully before your day in court.

If you need legal counsel for domestic assault or an attorney for sexual assault offences Lawrence Ben-Eliezer will review your situation in detail and work to gather evidence that works in your favour. Here, we’ll go over what you need to know about domestic violence and how you can overturn the charges against you.


What is Considered Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault is any violent act or abuse on a spouse, partner, child, or relative. While the definitions can be broad, the fact is that domestic assault is a crime and negatively affects many people involved.

In general, assault involves committing an act with the intent of inflicting fear or immediate bodily harm on another, whether it’s intentional or not. Domestic assault arises when the person causing the abuse is a family member or close acquaintance of the victim.


What are the Consequences of Domestic Assault?

A domestic assault charge can result in a misdemeanor or indictment against you and, depending on assault and battery laws, can be punishable by fines and/or jail time. Such a charge can impact factors on where you can live, work, and your freedoms in everyday life.

If convicted of a charge, you may be denied entry into your own home. A judge may also order you out and force you to find a new place to live. This prospect is harder than it sounds because many landlords refuse to rent to individuals with a criminal background. If you’re an immigrant or on a visa, a domestic assault conviction could also result in deportation and denial of citizenship or re-entry.

Moreover, if you’re found guilty of domestic assault, it could impede your ability to obtain promotions and leadership roles in your job. It can seriously affect your future employment in certain sectors and industries, as background checks will be done on you.

On a personal level, a domestic assault conviction can result in you not having contact with your spouse or children. Violating this order will only result in steeper fines and penalties on your part.


How Do You Build a Defence Against a Domestic Assault Charge?

A reliable domestic assault defence lawyer will be able to guide you through the judicial process and build a solid case on your behalf. Additionally, they’ll also be able to negotiate with the prosecution to lessen the severity of your punishment or dismiss your charge altogether. To start building your case, you need to be able to prove that you acted out of self-defence, necessity, and legal justification.

The self-defence argument is the most common route and you’ll need to be able to prove that you were in harm’s way in order for it to stand. If the action taken was out of necessity to protect yourself and someone else (most commonly a child), then it will not fall under the purview of domestic assault.

If you believe you acted with legal justification on your side, that may also count as a good defensive strategy. Your lawyer needs to back this up with factual statements in your case for this to work as well.


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