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If you’ve been charged with domestic assault, you should be aware that it is a serious criminal offence and penalties for the crime can be steep. Nonetheless, a trusted and reliable defence lawyer will be able to guide you through the process. It’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as you get taken into custody. Nothing beats the peace of mind you experience with having qualified legal support during this time.  

LBE is an experienced domestic assault defence lawyer based in Toronto and Newmarket. Using tested courtroom tactics and having extensive knowledge of the law, LBE improves your chances of success in court. 

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Lawrence is also a knowledgeable sexual assault lawyer in Newmarket and Toronto and has helped countless individuals facing similar charges walk away with a not-guilty verdict. To book a consultation, call LBE Law at (647)-224-7779. 

In this article, we’ll go over what to expect during a bail hearing for a domestic assault charge and how LBE Law can help. 


Bail Hearings

Within 24 – 48 hours from the time of arrest, you have a legal right to a bail hearing with a judge in order to be released from police custody until your trial. From there, you have the opportunity to call a defence lawyer and explain your current situation to them. They will be an important asset during your bail hearing. 

At the hearing itself, your lawyer will make a case to the judge to allow your release through bail. The judge takes several factors into account when making their decision. They can range from how serious the offence is, whether you’ve had a criminal record, if you missed a trial in the past, or if your release poses a danger to the public. 

They’ll also take into account whether you have a job, business, of family in the area. If possible, having a family member or friend at the hearing can also improve your chances of getting approved for bail.


What Happens After the Bail Hearing? 

If the judge decides to grant bail, you might have to pay a posted fee into court as a deposit and be supervised by a family member of friend (known as a surety) based on certain conditions. If you don’t follow the strict conditions set by the court while out on bail, the deposit amount may be forfeited and you could get taken into custody. 

If the judge denies you bail, you can appeal the decision for review. 

Everyone deserves a fair shot to defend themselves – that is your fundamental right. Criminal defence attorneys can improve your chances of success by creating a water-tight case. 

The paperwork, trial and procedures will only increase your stress levels and keep you away from your family. Whether innocent or guilty, it’s always a great idea to contact a criminal defence lawyer like LBE to do the heavy lifting for you. 


Don’t Take a Gamble at Your Bail Hearing

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If you’ve been charged with domestic or sexual assault, it’s important to reach out to a qualified and reliable lawyer who knows how to strengthen your defence in court. To learn more, call us at (647)-224-7779 or email us at barrister@lbelaw.com