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Criminal lawyer, Lawrence Ben-Eliezer on Alek Minassian in court.
Lawrence Ben-Eliezer, Toronto criminal lawyer talks about the Harvey Weinstein verdict.
Lawrence Ben-Eliezer, Toronto criminal lawyer talks about “Chair Girl” back in court and an Ontario Court of Appeal overrules sexual assault conviction.
The Crown is cracking down on impaired and distracted drivers with new penalties. What is the difference? Impaired driving involves operating a motor vehicle when your faculties have been compromised by alcohol, drugs or some combination of the two.  Distracted driving, on the other hand, prevents drivers from talking, texting,
Sexual Assault Lawyer, Newmarket Have you been charged with a sexual offence? Don’t panic. The best course of action is to contact a qualified sexual assault lawyer in Newmarket and strengthen your defence from day one. Sexual assault cases present certain challenges for the accused. Firstly, these are mostly “he-said-she-said”