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If you’ve been charged with domestic assault, you should be aware that it is a serious criminal offence and penalties for the crime can be steep. Nonetheless, a trusted and reliable defence lawyer will be able to guide you through the process. It’s important to contact a lawyer as soon
If you are ever charged with the serious crime of sexual assault, there are viable options to build a defence for your case. The penalties can be stiff and consequential, which is why it’s incredibly important to have exceptional legal representation as soon as you get taken into police custody.
Domestic Assault Defence Lawyer, Toronto If you’re charged with domestic assault, having a supportive legal team can ease the worries you may have. Knowing exactly what domestic charges entail and building a solid defence are important as this can help you tremendously down the road. LBE Law is a domestic
Domestic Assault Criminal Defence Lawyer, Toronto In Canada, domestic assault is viewed in a grave light and preparing a defence case for it can have its own hurdles. The nature of the offence is considered an aggravating factor for those who are found guilty and can have severe consequences. LBE
Affordable Criminal Defence Lawyer Newmarket Lawrence Ben-Eliezer talks about the Kalen Schlatter trial.