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Need a criminal defence lawyer to conduct a thorough review of the situation, including your background and details regarding any people who can sign bail for you if that becomes necessary. The important thing at this stage is to prepare for every contingency, including the possibility that you will have to go through a bail hearing. Every situation is different, call LBE Defence Law in Newmarket and Toronto to discuss your specific situation at (647) 224-7779.

Ontario Courts to Re-open Soon. I Can Expedite Your Case – High Success Rate. The Ontario courts are re-opening on July 6th, expediting the resolution of complex cases. Every minute matters. Contact me today and I will review your file early. There is a strong possibility to get your case resolved quickly and obtain a favourable outcome.

All Criminal Charges including Assault, Sexual Offenses, Fraud, Drug Charges, Impaired Driving, Youth in Trouble, Appeals, Manslaughter, Domestic Assault.

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Practicing criminal defence law in Toronto and Newmarket, Lawrence brings much experience to the practice of criminal defence law. He has conducted trials in the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice throughout Ontario and has argued numerous appeals in the Superior Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal for Ontario. Need a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto or Newmarket?

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Winning Defence Cases Since 1989

All Criminal Charges
Sexual Offenses
Drug Charges
Impaired Driving
Youth in Trouble
Domestic Assault

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Assault Defence Lawyer

The Criminal Code of Canada views cases of domestic assault in a grave light. If you are charged, remain calm and take the right steps.


Sexual Assault Lawyer

The Criminal Code of Canada proceeds stringently and meticulously especially with cases involving a sexual offence. 


Drug Charges Defence Lawyer

Drugs can either be classified as “hard” drugs or “soft” drugs based on their effects and mental and physical risks.


Impaired Driving Lawyer

The Criminal Code of Canada views this offence gravely, with penalties ranging from a mandatory minimum fine to life imprisonment based on the severity of the situation. 

Defenece Lawyer Toronto | Newmarket

Do I Need a Defence Lawyer?

There are few events in life that can be as difficult and disruptive as facing criminal charges. Squaring off against the police and Crown Attorney without the assistance of a lawyer can, and often does, result in the accused accumulating a criminal record for no good reason and suffering consequences that are far worse than the case deserves.

Those consequences can be permanent, especially when it comes to employment, immigration and crossing the border. At the very least, you should let a lawyer review your case to tell you what your options are so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next.